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Measuring Tools

Choose from a large selection of measuring tools, including measuring spoons and cups as well as graduated measures in stainless steel, plastic and aluminum.

Ingredient Scoops
We have a large variety of ingredient scoops for just about any application. Scoops are available in aluminum or stainless steel from 5 to 160 ounces.
China Caps
Stainless steel china caps are available in a variety of sizes in both fine or coarse mesh.
We've got a great selection of colanders to choose from. Sizes range from 3 to 16 quarts. Select from stainless steel or aluminum.
Color Coded Utensils
We offer a large variety of color-coded kitchen tools for both portion and contamination control. Choose from dishers, ladles, tongs, cutting boards and more.
Cutting Boards
Help control cross contamination with the convenient color coded cutting boards. Choose from three convenient sizes and six HACCP colors.
Great for portion control. Our selection includes squeeze dishers, color coded dishers, ice cream dishers and more.
Great for salt, spices or powders. Available in stainless steel shaker, with or without handles.
Egg Slicers
Slice eggs perfectly everytime with this ten wire aluminum egg slicer by Polar Ware.
Stainless steel food graters for preparing cheese, vegetables and garnishments.
Ice Cream Dippers
We have a variety of ice cream dippers for you to choose from. Choices include fluid filled handle type, squeeze dishers, ice cream spades and more.
We've got a large selection of ladles for just about any application. Choose from one-piece stainless steel ladles, color-coded ladles and more.
Meat Tenderizers
Meat Tenderizers
A kitchen tool must have. Double-sided multi-purpose mallet can be used for red meat, fish or poultry.
Potato Mashers
Potato Mashers
When you need a potato masher, nothing else will do. Our heavy duty stainless steel mashers are the right tool for the job.
Scrapers & Soft Spoons
Choose from a variety of scraper-spatulas and soft spoons including high-temperature versions for use in cooking applications.
Silverware Cylinders
Silverware cylinders fit countertop condiment and flatware dispensers. Choose from stainless steel or white plastic.
Choose from a variety of perforated stainless steel and mesh style skimmers.
We have a variety of stainless steel wire mesh strainers. Choose from single or double mesh in a variety of convenient sizes.
Choose from a variety of spoon designs including stainless steel, cool touch as well as color-coded. Most are NSF listed.
We've got a large selection of tongs for just about every application. Choose from utility tongs, pastry tongs, pom tongs and more!
Choose from stainless steel or nylon style turners as well as other spatula type utensils.
French and piano whips are available in nylon or stainless steel handle designs and a variety if sizes to for any task. Whips are NSF listed.